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Popshop Rugby heeft een aantal partners waarmee we heel erg goed samenwerken.

Daarnaast hebben we natuurlijk ook een hele hoop klanten die maar al te graag bij ons passeren voor een nieuwe outfit of een beetje goeie raad.

Thierry Krombach, Directeur Marketing Munhowen S.A.
After having worked with Popshop for several years now for all our Rugby-related articles we are still impressed by Carolien's passion and focus. In this sometimes chaotic environment she always remains professional and results-oriented. We can only recommend Popshop to all their prospective customers.
Stuart Dowsett, former Managing Director and Founder of Eurocity.
Eurocity was the distributor for Gilbert Rugby in Belgium for 20 years starting in 1993, and during the latter period we worked with Popshop whom had become responsible for the Belgian Rugby Federation Shop. I was impressed by the very professional approach of Carolien Verriest, with her focus on detail, quick response and thoroughness, coupled with a friendly personality and above all openness and honesty. When I came to retire there was only one candidate who stood out head and shoulders above all others and was the natural choice to take over the distributorship for Gilbert Rugby in Benelux. I am delighted to see that Popshop are making a success of this venture and growing the business alongside the increased range of top quality Gilbert Rugby products.
William Fagan, RC Luxembourg
It’s a pleasure dealing with you.
Thomas Bergé, voorzitter RC Rhinos
RHINOS Rugby Oudenaarde werkt al jaren samen met Popshop voor truiensets en clubkledij. De kwaliteit is dik in orde, maar eigenlijk doen we t voor de mooie ogen van de vertegenwoordigster. Aangenaam samenwerken en topservice!
Michelle Cheese, designer GILBERT Rugby
It is refreshing to work with someone as pleasant as you are!
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